1 Estimated 160 Gallons- $3000- CLOSE OUT SPECIAL $1000 OFF- FINAL PRICE  $2000

1 Estimated 275 Galloons- $4600-Oops Sale $3500-CLOSE OUT SPECIAL ADDITIONAL $1000 OFF- FINAL PRICE $2500

1 Estimated 233 Gallons- $4600- CLOSE OUT SPECIAL ADDITIONAL $1000 OFF- FINAL PRICE $3600

Its with great reluctance that we need to clear out unused parts and molds. We are selling the complete "31Bertram" line of parts. We have lovingly made parts for our beloved boats. 

Entire Complete Set of 31 Bertram Molds- CLOSE OUT SPECIAL $10,000 

To include, but not limited to the following:

3 Piece Deck Set:

Center, Port, Starboard

Hatch covers for deck set above Fish box cover, Center stern cover and fuel access cover.
Side panels, left panel right panel. mold for door and mold for step
Stern panel molds. Left and right panels.
Step down between engines. Includes mold for between steps. 
Engine box covers, we recently spent many thousands making a new set of these cover molds.
L shaped side pieces that the above engine box covers fit into. 
Fiberglass fuel tank mold 
Port and starboard plexiglass window molds

Molds include, random parts including
4 side panels 2 lefts 2 rights & misc hatches.
Several sets of engine box "L shaped side pieces"

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